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Obelisk in the Aksum Kingdom, Ethiopia


Axum is considered as one of the oldest city of Ethiopia and the holiest cities for orthodox believers in Ethiopia.

The 1st and 13th century ruins of the ancient city mark the area of the heart of ancient Ethiopia when the kingdom of Axum was one of the most powerful empires. It is the most remote city from Addis Ababa which is 983kmnorth of the capital city.

It is believed that the church in Axum hosts the biblical Ark of the Covenant. One of the major attraction in Axum is the trademark Stele Field that’s shows how the kings in ancient times were very intelligent and powerful.

These Obelisks are believed to date back 1700 years since they were erected. Some of them were re-erected recently. Axum was registered as world heritage site in 1980 G.C.


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