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The omo valley

The people of Omo valley have managed to retain their traditional life style. This is apparently due to the fact that the harsh environment in which most of the ethnic groups live is undesirable to outsiders. The Omo valley is a cultural melting pot with at least 16 distinct ethic groups. Two of the four African linguistic families are represented in the area Nilo-Saharan and Afro-Asiatic with its Omotic (endemic to the south Omo) and Cushitic branches.

The Omo is one of Ethiopia’s largest rivers that flows south seven hundred kilometers from the Shewan highlands to the northern end of Lake Turkana.  Some of the tribes live along side the Omo River and depend on it for their livelihood. They have developed complex socio-economic and ecological practices intricately adapted to the harsh and often unpredictable conditions of the region semi-arid climate.

Some of the tribes who are living along the Omo valley are:

Muris, Suri, Nyangatom, Kwengu, Bodi, Ari, Bena, Kara, Hamar, Malle, Dassanech, Tsmay, and Arbore.

P.s, we are delighted to provide more details about those tribes lifestyle and other information on a request.


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